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Our new Year 2 & Year 6 peer reading project has begun! Please see the gallery for pictures & further information.

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Academy Conversion

Academy Status

From 1st November 2020 we have officially become part of DoWMAT (Diocese of Worcester Multi-Academy Trust). This has been a very long process and we are delighted to finally join the trust. Our aim in becoming an academy is to ensure the continued success of Callow End CE Primary and its pupils.

We will now receive our school support from the DoWMAT team and will be able to work collaboratively with the 14 other schools which are also part of this multi-academy trust.

The Governors and I are confident that joining DoWMAT will enable us to keep our identity, visions, values and ethos whilst enabling our school to continue to flourish and improve in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Mrs Wilkinson or the Governing Body via the school office.





Callow End CE Primary School is part of The Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust, which is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales with registered number 10390487. Its registered office is at 29, Sansome Walk, Worcester, WR1 1NU 


Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust - FAQ

Academy Status


Governors have been reviewing the matter of Academies over the last few years and have regularly discussed this topic at their Governing Body meetings.

The consensus until recently has been that we saw no benefit to our children in making a change. However, the Governors are now of the opinion that it is now in our children’s best interest to start the process to convert to academy status because:

  • The support offered by the Local Authority (Worcestershire County Council) has diminished.
  • The Diocese of Worcester has recently set up a Multi-Academy Trust (DoWMAT) which we believe will provide better support for our school and our children in the future.

Documents relating to the conversion process will appear on this page. The latest documents are at the top.


All minutes on this page are in pdf format.