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Thank you to all our pupils and families for your patience and cooperation during the challenges of our return to school - it is wonderful to see our pupils back, happy and settled. Please remember that there is lots of help and advice available on this website. Look in the News and Parents - Keeping your child safe sections for up to date information. child as this helps us to reduce any congestion in our school and corridors. Thank you

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Class 1

Important internet safety update 28/05/20

W/C: 18th May 2020


Hello Everyone, 


I hope you are all keeping happy and safe at home.  It was so great to see lots of you during our Zoom chat on Thursday!  Please see Tapestry for the details of our next Zoom meeting, as well as the Home Learning challenges for this week.


Chick Update!

I have heard from Farmer Pete and he tells me that the chicks are doing really well and are all very happy indeed.  He sent me a little video clip, but unfortunately it won't me upload it onto our website, although I have managed to upload some still pictures instead.  I think you'll agree, they are look very content and have grown quite a bit.  They are also looking leaner and longer now as opposed to the rounded, fluffier version we last saw!


Have a great week everyone and I look forward to keeping in touch over the week through Tapestry.


Bye for now! 

Chicks are getting bigger!

The chicks have now moved to their 'forever home', which is a farm in Malvern, run by Farmer Pete.  They are doing really well and Farmer Pete has reported that they are happily cheeping away and getting bigger already!  


As usual, please remember to check out this week's Home Learning Challenges on Tapestry.  If you have any queries, please get in touch through Tapestry or by emailing me on [email protected]


Have a great week and Mrs Peck and I will look forward to seeing some of the super learning you are doing at home on Tapestry.

Fluffy chicks

The chicks are a couple of days old now and are very happy in their new home.  They spend their time eating, drinking and sleeping as well as looking very cute of course! 


The brown chicks are girls and the yellow chicks are boys.  How many do we have of each?  How many are there altogether? 


Can you think of a good name for any of the chicks?  Have a go at writing your ideas down - I'd love to see them, so please post them onto Tapestry.   

They might look a little squashed and wet, but the baby chicks have been squashed up inside their shells for a while now.  They will soon begin to look like the fluffy chicks we know so well.  They are very tired as it takes a lot of effort to peck their way out of their hard shell.  They deserve a good rest.... 

The chicks have hatched!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or would like any further advice in how best to support your child's learning at home in phonics or any other area. 

[email protected] 

Here is some more information about the free, daily online phonics lessons.

Special Delivery!

We had a very special delivery in school today!  We are looking after some very special eggs for the next couple of weeks in school.  The eggs have to stay warm, so we need to keep them inside a special heated box called an incubator.  Can you guess what might happen to the eggs soon?  Watch this space to find out!  


Welcome back everyone into the new summer term!  I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and haven't eaten too much chocolate!  


Our new topic this term is 'Bugs' and lots of the Home Learning Challenges will based around this, or you may want to delve a little deeper and embark upon a bug project of your own.


Thank you once again for all of the pictures and comments you are posting onto Tapestry.  It is always such is great way for us to communicate together, especially  during this difficult time.  Home Learning Challenges are set for Class 1 Monday to Friday during term time and are communicated via the 'Memo' feature.  You should also receive a notification each time a new memo is posted.  


Please continue to message me via Tapestry or alternatively I can be contacted via email on [email protected]


Keep up the great work everyone and keep safe. 

Class 1

Hello to all of Class 1 and their families,


Hopefully you are all receiving the Home Learning Challenges via the Tapestry memos.  It would be really great if you could please upload photos/video of your child of your child completing their challenges or indeed, any other fun leaning they are doing at home.  Please remember to email me during school hours if you have any queries at all on [email protected]


Many thanks,

Mrs Wilford

Early Years Online Resources

A poem to share with children during this difficult time...

Good Morning Everyone!


Please have a look at the online safety pack below that would be beneficial (and fun) for you to do with your child, especially as lots of us may be using the internet much more at the moment. 



Rainbow Bear is staying at home just like you!  Look how she is keeping busy and having lots of fun!  Have you tried any of the things that Rainbow Bear is doing in the pictures?  Maybe she can copy some of the fun things you are doing at home?  Ask your grown ups to post pictures of them onto Tapestry so that she can see.....  

Check out the fantastic White Rose website for some great maths-based learning activities you can try at home...





Dear Families,


I hope you are all keeping well and safe at home; these are very strange times for us all indeed.  I hope that you are finding the home learning packs useful and they are giving you lots of ideas for you to try with your own children at home.  If you have any queries, or would like to share anything with me about your child, I can be contacted during school hours by email on [email protected]



As the weather looks to be good for the rest of the week, it would be great for children to get outdoors if they have access to a garden at home.  Can they draw a picture of 5 things that they can find in their garden?  This can be flowers, garden toys, creepy crawlies and more!  Can they have a go at writing a label for each of the things they have drawn using their phonics?  They could try making a repeating pattern with things they find outside - e.g. stone, leaf, stone, leaf etc. Maybe they can build a home for creepy crawlies or if they prefer, maybe a fairy or pixie den?  


It would be great if you could post any pictures/notes onto your child's Tapestry account to show the learning they are doing at home.  


Please also remember to try and read every day if possible - this can mean hearing your child read and/or them reading to you.  This is one of the most important things of all that you can do to support their learning. 


Take care everyone & stay positive. blush

Learning guidance for parents whose children will have to stay home because of Coronavirus.

 A huge WELL DONE to Class 1 for the 'Young Writer's recognition they received after entering a riddle writing competition.  The children each wrote a super riddle describing something of their choosing based using their senses.  For example:


I look sparkly white.

I smell like carrots and coal.

I sound crunchy.

I feel icy cold.

What am I?


........A snowman!


Each child has received a certificate and will all have their riddles published as a result!  Permission letters have already gone home to families about this.  


Well done Class 1, we are all so proud of you.  You are already achieving great things at the the start of your writing journey - continue to shine and reach for the stars! 

A visit from a doctor


We were really lucky to be visited by Dr Fincher today.  He talked to the children in Early Years about the role of a doctor and how they help people when they are poorly.  Dr Fincher also talked to us about the importance of washing hands to help us keep healthy and 'bug-free'.  This was supported by a super demonstration involving Mrs Eggerton and lots of green glitter!  Dr Fincher brought in some of his medical equipment for the children to have a closer look at and learn about how it is used.  A huge thank you to Dr Fincher and of course to Iris, who let us borrow her daddy.  The children in EYFS had a great time and learnt a lot about being a doctor. 

World Book Day 2020

Well done to all of the children in Class 1 for making such a fantastic effort to dress up as their favourite book character. 

Early Years celebrated Chinese New Year with style!  They tried lots of different activities, ranging from making paper lanterns and money wallets, to writing their name in Chinese, making dragon masks and drums.  They even had a go at eating rice with chopsticks - very tricky indeed!  Children finished off the day by taking part in a dragon dance, using the dragon's head they had decorated in the morning.  Much fun was had by all.  Kung hei fat choy! 
Class 1 loved catching and popping the bubbles outside.  We were trying to count and see who could pop the most bubbles!

Bubble Fun!

Reading Recommendations

Children in Need 2019


Children had lots of fun whilst raising money for Children in Need this year. We enjoyed making Pudsey Bear hats, spotty painting and baking and decorating spotty cakes - all whilst wearing our pyjamas!  That you to everyone for their generous donations.  


Please find the PowerPoint available below for parents and carers who were unable to attend our Phonics Information evening.  Please do not hesitate to speak with Mrs Wilford if you have any further queries regarding phonics or for ideas about how you can support your child at home. 

Making carrot and coriander soup

After reading 'Pumpkin Soup' and meeting Squirrel, Cat and Duck, Class 1 were keen to make their own soup too.  We used the internet to explore different soup recipes and talked about different kinds of soup we had tried at home and liked/disliked.  In the end, the children voted to make carrot soup and wrote a shopping list for the ingredients they would need.  The loved making the soup the next day and helped to peel, chop, mix, boil and blend!  The children all tried the soup with some bread and butter as a starter before their main course at lunch time.  There were mixed reactions as to whether they liked the taste or not - some saying it was 'yucky' but also many saying it was 'yummy' and 'delicious'.  However, they all agreed that they really enjoyed making the soup and would love to do it all again! 

Cursive letter formation guide with Percy Pencil

Welcome to Class One!

Where learning is an adventure...






Our first Woodland School adventure...

Gardening in our church garden

Extra P.E. with Miss Christopher!

Our first Woodland School together in Early Years!

Cooking up something yummy in our mud kitchen!
Exploring on a windy day.
We're on a colour hunt.....
Searching for bugs.
Creating a cosy den together
Whizzing around on the tractor.
We've all had so much fun!

Diwali Celebrations

Happy Diwali!
Lighting our diva lamps
Making coconut burfi.

Our visit to the church