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Our new Year 2 & Year 6 peer reading project has begun! Please see the gallery for pictures & further information.

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Class 3

In maths, we've been learning about angles. We went on a hunt for obtuse and acute angles in the playground.

Jubilee celebrations

We have combined our Maths and Geography topics to collect data about our local area. We learnt how to present our data in pictogram and bar chart forms.

The next stage of our printmaking lessons... experimenting! Most of us found that the string worked best and that you needed a thin layer of paint to get the most detailed, precise prints.

In art, we are exploring Victoria Willmott, who is a printmaking artist. We made collagraphs out of cardboard and will experiment with printmaking over the next few lessons.

Spring term RSHE letter to parents

We went to see 'The Knitted Bible' exhibit at the church today! We loved hunting for the Bible stories that we had learnt about... which ones can you spot?

We had The History Man come in to teach us all about the Stone to the Iron Age today. We had a fun, interactive experience and learnt so much about how people lived.

Crazy hair day!

World Book Day 2022 - look at our amazing costumes!

For their homework, some children decided to make models of Stone Age houses. Look how amazing and creative they are!

In RE, we have been learning all about Hinduism and trying to understand what it is like to be a Hindu in Britain today. We had the opportunity to email a believer and she sent a home shrine and diyas into school. We were so amazed by what we saw!

Class 3 became hunter-gatherers today, throwing spears (javelins) at Stone Age creatures and gathering different berries and plants.

How do you mix brown with only primary colours? We did an investigation into how many browns we could make...

Making Christingles for the Children's Society 2022

We used our class timeline and toilet roll to develop our concept of chronology. Each sheet of toilet roll was worth 100 years. We then used our space helmets to travel back in time to these places and spoke about what we could see, hear and smell...

Here are our finished felt sea creatures! Look how amazing they are. Miss Brooks, Mrs Powell and Mrs Prior are so proud of us!

We had a DT day where we all learnt how to sew and designed sea creatures to end our Water topic.

Look at how hard Year 3 are working on a treasure hunt to find their 3, 4 and 8 times tables!

In RE today, we looked at pictures of the next section of 'The Big Frieze'. We thought about what we could see and what clues this gave us. We then found the story of the Fall in our brand new bibles (thank you Reverend Gary!). We had so much fun exploring them and learning how to find specific books, chapters and verses!

We have read 'Flotsam' (a wordless picture book). We found these strange trays of flotsam and used our detective/inference skills to work out who might have left these things behind. Who do you think it could have been? How old might they have been? What job could they have done?

Year 4 rolling their times tables!

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3x table

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8x table

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6x table

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7x table

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9x table

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11x table

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12x table

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We did a science experiment today to find out which chocolate melts the fastest out of white, milk and dark chocolate. We thought carefully about how to make it a fair test and recorded our results scientifically. Turns out, dark chocolate melts the fastest and white chocolate melts the slowest!

We have started a new RE unit about the creation story. We looked at this section of 'The Big Frieze' to try and work out what our unit would be all about!

Our final J. Vincent Scarpace abstract inspired pieces! We used complementary colours, experimenting with painting and printing then worked into them with oil pastels. Look how fab they are!

Our artistic process... we have been looking at J.Vincent Scarpace’s work. We identified features, learnt about colour theory and how this applies to his art, experimented with materials and designed our final pieces.

We wrote and performed a poem about recycling inspired by Shel Silverstein’s ‘Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout’. (Part 1)

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(Part 2)

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(Part 3)

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Class 3 2021-22

For homework, we had to design glasses for Iris (the short-sighted mermaid in our story). Some of us decided to make glasses. Iris would have such fabulous choice!

We have been reading Oliver and the Seawigs. We made our own seawigs and roamed around like the roaming islands. This will inspire our writing.

Care information about stick insects

Autumn letter - routines and expectations

Today, Katie from Worcester Warriors came to teach us how to play rugby. We had so much fun!

In Science, we investigated soundproofing by making our own headphones and listening to newsround. We used paper, cotton wool and sponges inside the cups and we were surprised that paper was the best material for soundproofing!

RE: How do people try to make the world a better place?

Our homework was to find out about the different houses in Roman Britain. Some of us decided to make models - look how amazing they are!

In Science, we've been exploring sound. We made pan pipes to show how the length of an instrument can alter the pitch.

In Maths, we are learning about finding fractions of quantities. We used cheerios and bar modelling to help us do this. It was very hard not to eat them!

Look at our fab mosaics! As part of our Roman topic, we have been learning how mosaics were made. We experimented with printing techniques to design and paint our own.

Half-term homework menu - Roman themed

Some fun ways to practise your spellings...

Experimenting with printing techniques to paint mosaics...


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We have been learning the poem, 'I am a Roman Soldier' in English this week. We made up our own actions and performed it. Enjoy!


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NEW TOPIC: Ancient Romans

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Today, we learnt about chronology and made ourselves into a timeline to show when the Ancient Roman period was. We thought about AD and BC and the other historical periods we have learnt about.

Homework menu for the next three weeks. Bring at least one piece of homework and your homework book in every Thursday

Excited to be back in school!

Friday 8th January

Please log into Google Classroom to find the home learning for today. If you are still having trouble accessing the classroom, email me at [email protected]

HOME LEARNING THURSDAY 7TH JANUARY. Google meet at 10am - please can parents join too if they are available. Thanks!

Please join the Google Classroom Meet at 10am on Thursday 7th January. These are some instructions on how to join.

Brain break/rainy day ideas - this is a list of things that you can do by yourself

Please read! This is the work that you must complete today!

In the event of teacher absence due to COVID 19

In the last week of term, the children worked really hard to make SPAG booklets to help Jemima, our elf on the shelf. She struggled with her writing but with their fantastic effort, she made a huge improvement!

Class 3 met Father Christmas today!!!

We finally unwrapped our mummified tomatoes. We were surprised that they hadn't gone mouldy or rotten and instead had leathery, wrinkled skin!

Virtual Christingle service 14.12.20

In DT, we made our own shadufs

We had a visit from The History Man to teach us all about Ancient Egypt. We looked at exciting artefacts, dressed up, made scarab beetle amulets, pretended to be slaves building pyramids and even got mummified!

We learnt about the process of mummification by mummifying tomatoes today! We will use this experience to write instructions.

We used our problem solving skills to make prototype shadufs in DT

Pyjama Day for Children in Need!

In English, we read 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. We acted it out and wrote our own stories from the Pharaoh's point of view to put in a class book called 'Pharaoh's Journey'.

We designed and painted our own Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings

Reminder about routines

'Hello' from your new teacher!

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Please remember to wear your PE kit to school on Wednesdays.

Hi year 4,


So for this week I have put on the maths for the week and I would like you to complete the English BBC Bitesize daily lesson. If you struggle with anything then do some revision using the Year 3 daily lessons on BBC Bitesize.


Have a good week and I will see you soon.


Love Mrs M

Year 3
Your work

More addition..... playing pontoon!

Esme's nonsense and villainous poems

Toby's nonsense poem

Neve's nonsense poem



On the Zedaldo the pig was biggleboggling while the dog was making Tiddle. The farmer and the sheep were Nipoing  and the bird was flying and going Beebo beebo. But where is the cow?!
Oh here he is just nipoing away!
“Nipo nipo nipo!” Oh yes AND THE FARMER!!!!!

Fleur's poem about Little Miss Claire

Jack learning his times tables

Toby with his 'Tobyown' chocolate

Little Miss Bee written by Neve


Verse 1:

Little Miss Bee sat on a tree eating her beans and toast,
Along came a frog,
Who jumped on a log,
And looked forward to his roast.

Verse 2:

Little Miss Bee had finished her tea,
And the frog had finished to,
So they walked off together,
And then found a feather,
And then the frog went, “atchoo!”

Click on the link to read Izzy's cocoa bean powerpoint

Jack’s poster about the Cacoa bean

Esme's poster about the Cacoa bean

Open the link to read Amelia's Powerpoint

Toby's fantastic poster about the Cacoa Bean

Jack's delicious cookies

The results!

Jacob's bacteria experiment, can't wait to see the results!

Jack is keen to start the topic on chocolate!

Toby's been busy!

Amelia's aquarium

Izzy's aquarium

Edith's Amazing Aquarium

Ava's animal poem using metaphors and similies

Winston Churchill presentation by Izzy F-R

Isabella's VE Day invitation

Esme's painting of a hummingbird

Molly and Anna working hard on their bunting

Amelia's poster for a VE Day party

Olivia's starfish leaflet

Izzy's powerpoint all about dolphins

The Great Mantra Ray by Jacob

Coco's powerpoint dolphin powerpoint presentation

Anna and Molly having an online lesson with their cousins

Amelia's been very busy at home, learning lots of new things.

Coco's (with help from Georgie) poster from Class 3s 'Under the sea' topic

Isabella keeping busy and having fun at home.

Esme's Easter Bunny Project

Neve's powerpoint on healthy eating

Isabel getting creative

Mad scientist at work

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Purple Mash Coding Challenge
Internet Safety

Important internet safety update 28/05/20

Important internet safety pack with activities for KS2

Useful websites and documents

Working from home (Coronavirus)


Welcome to Class 3


Mrs Mitchell is our Class 3 teacher, Mrs Powell and Mrs Prior are our teaching assistants. We look forward to working with the children and their parents throughout the school year.


Class 3 is shared by children in Years 3 and 4.


In Class 3 the children cover lots of different topics from Ancient Greece to The Rainforest. They are all extremely fascinating and exciting. Also, it gives the children the opportunity to explore, question and discover.

Class 3 Routines

  • Homework – is given out every Friday and needs to be handed in by the following Thursday.
  • PE – we have two PE lessons every week. Full PE kit is expected to be in school at all times this includes; PE shorts, PE top, trainers, tracksuit bottoms for colder weather. Girls will need a spare pair of socks.
  • Children in Class 3 go swimming in the summer term.
  • Spellings – we have a spelling test every Friday, please read through the spellings with your children.
  • Reading – it is vital that children read at least four times a week outside of school. It will really help them to progress in all of their subjects, especially their writing. Ideally, children should read to an adult who can ask questions about what is being read.


Explosive Science

Well-being afternoon

Before half term Class 3 enjoyed an afternoon exploring their own well being. We enjoyed a presentation of inspirational pictures with some  beautiful music  and then discussed which were our favourites and which scenes  helped us to feel calm or inspired. Later we designed our own very special un-worry islands which we could explore in our imaginations. Some of our islands had special places to live such as tree houses, magic caravans, lighthouses or caves. We included people or animals that we could visit and many of our islands had fabulous features such as magical playgrounds, cafes which served unlimited ice cream and pirate ships to explore. After that we went outside to try some cloud watching on the field and played games to help us to work as a team, have fun and stay fit. Back in the classroom we listened to some calming music, sang some of our favourite songs and completed some artwork. It was a great afternoon and we found lots of ways of feeling happy and calm.

Class 3 trip to Severn Valley Railway July 2019

On Tuesday 11th June Class3 had 'the history man' pay a visit. The children learnt lots of exciting things about the Victorians from clothes to weapons. Here are some photos.

Our Victorian Experience

Class 3's attempt to put up a tent using their own instructions!

Instructions showing how to build a tent.

On Monday 23rd October,  Class 3 went to The Chase High School for a 'hockey day'. The children learnt some hockey skills before lunch, followed by a mini tournament after lunch. They all had an amazing time.

Class 3 hockey day at The Chase High School

Class 3 have been doing gymnastics as part of PE this half term. They have been exploring travelling and balancing.

Class 3 gymnastics