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Well done to all our pupils who are working really hard and contributing towards making our school a happy and cheerful place. Parents, please remember that there is lots of help and advice available on this website. Look in the News and Parents - Keeping your child safe sections for up to date information.

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Home Learning

Government advice for parents about home learning can be found by following the link below:


Please see class pages for all the information that you will need to learn from home. Your teacher's email address is on the class page and below, please email if you need extra help or would like to send in some work. We will reply as soon as we can.

Mrs Sharp - [email protected]

Mrs Mitchell - [email protected]

Miss Curtis - [email protected]

Mrs Wilford - [email protected]

Mrs Wilkinson - [email protected]


There is lots of advice and the latest updates are available in both the News section and the Parents - keeping your child safe section of the website.


Investigate Purple Mash www.purplemash.com An email has been sent to you with your child's log in details. Once logged in, check the 2do section to see if any tasks have been set by your teacher. Then explore the rest of the site - complete a daily activity for your age group, choose a topic and do a fact sheet, try out some of the games or have a look at the art or science section - the choice is yours but your teachers would love to see any work that you do.

Keep safe and contact us if you need help!


10 Top Tips for home learning:


1. Create a clear routine but don't be too rigid.

2. Preserve family harmony and minimise stress.

3. Use resources from teachers before setting your own work.

4. Don't over worry about the curriculum: it's more important to keep your child engaged so that learning habits don't disappear.

5. Break the day into chunks with planned breaks.

6. Plan some activities your child can do unsupervised for when you need to work.

7. Make time to read together as a family and use audio books to introduce your child to new texts and authors at https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

8. If your child shows a passion for something, let them explore it to their heart's content.

9. Log onto BBC Bitesize or Oak National Academy for online teaching resources.

10. When necessary, reach a compromise that everyone is happy with.


Home Learning - online safety. These are activities to complete with your children at home. They are suitable for either 5-7 or 8-10 year olds.