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Many thanks to our pupils and families who are being so supportive during our bubble closures. School will reopen on Tuesday 20th July to all pupils who have completed their self-isolation period and are symptom free. Our sponsored event will now take place in the Autumn term.

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Cancellations/information regarding Coronavirus

Staffing - Class 1. Mrs Wilford will be unable to attend school for the next two weeks as a member of her family has a cold with a cough. Although the symptoms are mild and Mrs Wilford is well, we are following Government advice and advising her to self isolate. Class 1 will continue as normal and will be covered by other members of our Early Years team.

We have made the decision to cancel the face to face Parents Evenings next week in order to protect the health of our staff and families. A brief report will be sent home for each pupil by Friday 27th March in order to update parents about their child's progress. This will include a section for parents to complete if they have concerns or worries. 

We have also made the decision to cancel Cooking club this week to reduce hygiene issues when handling food. As parents have made a financial contribution to this club, any child who was due to attend cooking club can attend Glow Worms until 4:15pm without being charged.

Parents who want to drop their children in the playground after 08:45 and then leave are welcome to do so. A teacher will be on duty.