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Many thanks to our pupils and families who are being so supportive during our bubble closures. School will reopen on Tuesday 20th July to all pupils who have completed their self-isolation period and are symptom free. Our sponsored event will now take place in the Autumn term.

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Incident in Callow End Village

There was a concerning incident just outside Callow End playing fields yesterday evening when two of our pupils were approached by a stranger in a van. Fortunately, both children are safe, they reacted very sensibly, calling for help and going straight home and the police were informed. We are doing some extra, age appropriate work about ‘Stranger danger’ with our pupils in school today. I would encourage our families to talk to their children so that they are aware of how to keep themselves safe and ensure that they are always appropriately supervised.

An NSPCC pack to help parents who are deciding whether their child can safely go out on their own can be found in the 'Keeping your child safe' section of this website. It includes lots of helpful information and ideas.