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Well done to all our pupils who are working really hard and contributing towards making our school a happy and cheerful place. Parents, please remember that there is lots of help and advice available on this website. Look in the News and Parents - Keeping your child safe sections for up to date information.

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Our Lent Challenge

Our classes are taking part in a Lent Challenge to try and help others and to use our school values throughout Lent. Each class has 40 challenges and will try to work together to complete them all before Easter. Some challenges are to help others at school, some to help the family at home and some challenges are about improving the children's own well-being. Every time a challenge is completed the pupil completing it will put their initials on the challenge chart - good luck everyone.

These are some examples of the challenges:

I worked extra hard in lessons.

I did an extra job at home.

I did a journey without using the car.

I spent 5 minutes being quiet and peaceful.

I did my homework without being asked.

I had a go at something even though I was nervous.

I was sensible and thoughtful on a school trip.

I went for a walk and appreciated nature.

I spent an extra 10 minutes with my family away from the screen.

I only said nice things about other people.