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Thank you to all our pupils and families for your patience and cooperation during the challenges of our return to school - it is wonderful to see our pupils back, happy and settled. Please remember that there is lots of help and advice available on this website. Look in the News and Parents - Keeping your child safe sections for up to date information. child as this helps us to reduce any congestion in our school and corridors. Thank you

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What is Epiphany?

What is Epiphany?

Chances are, you are all sitting at home with boxes or bags of decorations to struggle up into the loft or to find the time to put the decorations away in the garage. But should we? Really, we should keep some decorations up until early February, but that’s another story. Was that a surprise revelation to hear that? Well, that’s what the Epiphany is all about - a little four week season just after Christmas that reveals so much. And very few people know about, I sense.

Epiphany moments - a wake up call - a revelation- that’s what happened when the Three Wise Men or Kings turned up to see Jesus. Chances are, given the distances and camel speed, they arrived when Jesus was a toddler rather than just in time for Mary to change the godly nappy. But the thing is - they arrived and by doing so we remember as Christians that Jesus was revealed to all of us - for all time. What a revelation!

Another revelation - the epiphany is a traditional time to ask God’s Blessing on your homes and schools. How do we do this? Well, write the following on a piece of card and put it up near your front door:


No, this is not some algebra Or the latest maths challenge to resolve but an important message.

  1. - is the initials of the names of the three wise men - Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar (always a good answer to have for a pub quiz question) and they symbolise the revelation. The 20 and 19 is easy = 2019, our new year. CMB also means Christus Mansionem Benedicat - may Christ Jesus Bless this House or School.

Put the card up somewhere and see how many people ask you what it means. Or be radical - chalk it up on the brick work!

A prayer:

Loving God, bless our house, our community and our school. May we be blessed with health, happiness, goodness of heart and abiding in your will. Amen


Rev’d Gary Crellin