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Callow End CE Primary School

Caring Environment, Christian Ethos, Children Excel

Year 6 Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) start on Monday 9th May. All Year 6 pupils must attend school and be on time at the start of the day. Thank you

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Barrie Lewis
08 Nov 2017

May I congratulate your worship group who came to Stanbrook today and lead us in collective worship it brightened up my day God Bless you and your school.

Rating: Excellent

Carole S Craig
03 Feb 2015

My brother attended here briefly in the 1960's. what a lovely country school. would love to know the history of this school; when it was built etc.

Rating: Excellent

Carol Millard was Pardoe
28 Jan 2015

I was at callow end school the same time as Pamela (Phillips). Its a long time ago, but I still remember the playground and even some of the lessons! It is good to know the school is still going well.

Rating: Excellent