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Callow End CE Primary School

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Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils for their hard work, resilience and calm, determined attitude to their SATs tests this week. You have been fantastic!

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 These are the friendly staff of our school:


Mrs Wilkinson- Headteacher/DSL, History, Geography and Computing subject leader


Miss Curtis - Head of School (Friday), Deputy DSL, & English and Science subject leader, Holly Class  teacher (Year 1 & 2)


Mrs Crote - Administration Officer


Mrs Wilford - Early Years Leader,  Ash Class teacher, RSHE and DT subject leader

Mrs Steele - Oak Class Teacher: Monday-Wednesday (Year 3 & 4), MFL and PE subject leader

Mrs Scanlon - Oak Class Teacher: Thursday & Friday. PPA cover Holly & Willow Classes alternate Wednesdays, RE subject leader

Miss Brooks - Willow Class 3 teacher (Year 5 & 6), Maths, Music & Art subject leader


Mrs Stockford - SEND Coordinator  office@callowend.worcs.sch.uk

01905 830337



Mrs Eggerton - Pre-school Leader

Mrs Peck - Ash Class Teaching Assistant  

Mrs Stephens - Holly Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Powell - Oak Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Prior - SEND/Wellbeing Teaching Assistant & Willow Class Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Evans - Early Birds Leader & lunchtime supervisor

Our Governors - the Local Academy Board. Please see the Local Academy Board (LAB) section of the website for information about our governors.



Our Vicar - Rev Gary Crellin


Welcome from YOUR Vicar


Hello,  I am The Reverend Gary Crellin -  I am the Vicar of two parishes that serve the communities of Powick, Callow End,  Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland, in this lovely part of Worcestershire – over the rivers and in front of the hills.  I am reasonably new in post, having started in June 2018,  but I am really looking forward to getting known and finding out about the people and places around my parishes.


First and foremost,  I am here for all people in these parishes, regardless if you go to a church or not; have a faith or struggling to believe.  I would be most pleased to meet you to discuss anything that my faith and my churches can help you with. It could be a question about christenings,  weddings or even handling a bereavement.  You might want to pull me upon the Church’s role in society.  Or you might want to find out  more about Christianity. Of course, it would be good to see you in church,  but as a parent of three daughters of recent school age,  I know that getting to church on a Sunday morning may not be high on your list of priorities.  A shame, but that’s life.  But I can do something about it.  I will bring church to YOU. In a way…..


My involvement with the three Church of England Schools -  Powick, Madresfield and Callow End -  will bring me into school,  and you and your children into church. You, your child/children are part of a flourishing network of Church of England Schools delivering education and life experience to your children from a distinctive Christian (Anglican) perspective. Therefore, a vicar is going to be useful to have about.  I have agreed a number of assemblies and services that will be creative and fun experiences and help you to understand and be part of the Christian values that we are going to experience and develop together, over your life time at the school.  You see -  I am going to be YOUR vicar for the next six years – if you go to church, or not.  Enjoy!


I look forward to meeting you after assemblies,  on the school gate , or around and about.  Please say hello (I don’t bite).  And if I can help you, or your families in any way,  here are my contact details:


revgarycrellin@gmail.com     Office - 01905 830270    Twitter - @oldhillsparish2


Best wishes and blessings to each of you