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Oak Class - Year 3 & 4

Oak class enjoyed doing some drama in the hall today, based around our English book 'The Building Boy'.

Bring your plant to school day was enjoyed by all!

In Computing, Oak class have made their own stop motion animations. They created their own backgrounds, wrote their own story boards and then recorded their masterpieces!

Autumn 2 Spelling list - Oak Class

Autumn Term Design & Technology (Food & Nutrition)

In Science we are learning about digestion. We had great fun modelling how digestion works- using food, a knife, a whisk, tights, an elastic band and food dye. The end product was pretty disgusting as Will squeezed it out of the tights!

Oak class have had fun in Computing using Canvas Chrome to make volcano pictures. They compared the finished product to their hand drawn pictures.

In Science, Oak Class have been looking at nutrition labels on food, and identifying if food is healthy, or just an occasional treat. They looked carefully at the green, orange and red colour coding to make their decisions!

Timetable - Oak Class

Welcome To Oak Class 2023 - 2024

What we will learn this year in Oak Class. Oak Class long term plan 2023 - 2024

Summer 2 spelling list

Spring 2 Class spellings

Spring Spelling list - Oak Class

Autumn 2 Weekly Spellings

Autumn Misty mornings