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Physical Education

Physical Education at Callow End CE Primary School

At Callow End we build a foundation for love and learning by providing a welcoming, safe, supportive environment and have high aspirations for all our pupils.

 As part of this vision, we aim to ensure that our pupils receive the best possible education, through a physical education curriculum which is inspiring and challenging and includes a wide variety of learning opportunities that will lead to a life-long participation in physical activity. Through our carefully planned, progressive scheme of work our pupils experience a range of sports, activities and PE experiences ensuring children are active for sustained periods of time.

 We want to inspire our pupils to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of a range of sports and activities and that children have experience a progression of skills in their learning. We want to encourage all children to participate in sport, both in and out of school and we aim to provide opportunities for both competitive and non-competitive participation, developing competence and confidence.

In addition, we have a desire to develop a wider range of personal skills which include: independence, teamwork, respect, fair play, healthy living, leadership and resilience. We ensure our PE curriculum is fully inclusive where all pupils can access the opportunities available.

                                              Mrs Steele, PE Subject Leader

PE Curriculum Statement

Progression of Skills